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Often one or more prisoners were picked out by the officers, who according to them, had not performed their duties to the best of their ability. The prisoners injured in this ‘competition’ were then considered of no specific benefit to the concentration camp, and were shot immediately. Further, there were several engineers, doctors, and finally, the guards. Families were torn apart in the process. Only one toilet was available for a group of four hundred people, where everyone was supposed to wash up. All the bodies were placed in a furnace and burnt together. They were put through a ‘punishment parade’, and made to strip publicly, lie on specially constructed benches, and receive 25 to 50 lashes. There was a daily session of torture that was awarded to a random inmate chosen by the German officers.

Upon seeing the brutalities that were inflicted on people around, and with the constant fear of punishment that sometimes led to death, several inmates entertained thoughts of suicide. These camps consisted not only of Jews, but also criminals, prisoners of war, physically disabled, mentally disabled, Polish labourers, homosexuals, Russian Jews, Italian Jews, and even Catholic priests. They say that this was further magnified by the Jews to garner support for their own homeland. All this was not without the inhuman fancies of the guards and officers, to make the inmates perform several ridiculous activities, before the roll call was finished. They would be coaxed out of the train saying that work awaited them, and when they stepped out of the train, the guards opened fire on them.

A roll call or a headcount was scheduled at 6 am. Phase 4: The Consequences of Living in a Concentration Camp Conditions in the camps were never humane. There were more. The Holy Bible is probably the best way to learn the rules of living and being cheerful, regardless of the issues faced in life. Black, bitter coffee was served in the name of breakfast, at 5 am. Along with the work, the torture would also resume. Families were separated, leading the men in one direction, and women and children in the other.