Drink Driving Insurance? Drive Sober

Due to the increasing number of accidents related to driving under influence or DUI, rules have been instituted to curb it or penalize the offenders. Driving under influence or DUI means driving after consuming a certain amount of alcoholic drinks. Some places have stricter rules than the others but, more or less, the procedures are the same.

Sober or Not

Usually those who are suspected of doing that will be called on by the police and have them take a breath test to determine the level of alcohol content in the body or they might be asked to undertake the field sobriety test in which the river is supposed to walk on a straight line. If they fail these tests, they might be apprehended for drinking under influence or DUI. In some cases, blood test is also asked for a much more accurate findings on the alcohol content. For more information about drink driver insurance, visit here.

Having a DUI record can be a big blot for some because it might require them to pay penalties at the very least. It will also affect their insurance premiums because drink driving insurance can cost more than the regular ones. That is because of the increased it will be considered as a high risk insurance coverage already. This cost will go higher for every time that the person commits the same misdemeanor. The DUI record will also be active for five years before it gets deleted. There are also some circumstances that will be considered such as the gravity of the incident or if an accident ensued because of the DUI and so on. All of these things will be part of the full disclosure statement that the driver will have to make before getting a new insurance policy. There is also the possibility of having a cancelled policy because of a DUI incident.